Best Things You should Experience in Life

1. Take an Adventure
Challenge yourself. Go for a trek. Experience nature. Does bungee jumping excite you? Do it. Bring that excitement in your life. Take trips alone until you discover yourself.

2. Live Alone
Live alone, hang out alone often. Read books. Watch movies & shows. Spend time by yourself. Understand your needs & what you want from life.

3. Perform on stage
Have a stage fear or not, you must try performing on stage at least once in your life. Experience the butterfly in the stomach feeling. The nervousness/confidence to perform in front of audience. The confidence you gain from it is immense.

4. Time without Internet/Mobile/Vehicle – No technology please.

5. Learn something
It could be a music instrument, a dance form, a sport.. it could be anything. Just learn something new apart from your academics. How about photography? or painting may be?

6. Cook for yourself
No! Not just boiled eggs or tea. Try something apart from eggs. A proper meal? Find a recipe online.

7.  Help Someone
Help in any form. Be it donating clothes, volunteering for a charity.. Help in any form!

8.  Follow Traffic Rules
No pun intended.

9.  Fall in Love – Love someone unconditionally

10.  Do what you want to do!



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