Amusing Trick- Magical Hide of AppLock

Security and privacy is a hot topic at the moment, with the celebrity photo hacking scandal being just the latest of many incidents. You may think your phone is secure because you already have a screen lock in place, but have you thought about locking individual apps or settings ? AppLock can do just that. It’s a useful android app that help people with their privacy. (Link-

Among the multiple functions of AppLock, there is one you must try: Hide. Go find it in AppLock- Protect- Magic. Enable the ‘Hide AppLock’.


Then go back to your screen, you will find that AppLock is DISAPPEARED from its original location! Amazing. By this way nobody knows you have a AppLock in your phone. and you are the only one who knows how to get it back. 2 ways here:

1. Dial pad

Enter #password in your dial pad and tap call button. 


2. Browser

Open this link in the browser:


If you want to make it visible, just turn off ‘Hide AppLock’.



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