AppLock- Useful Android App


When you share your phone to your families or friends, have you ever worried that they may see the photos or emails unintentionally, browser the website with your data network?

When you pass your phone to your kids, have you ever worried that they may  mess up the phone settings, download the games they want arbitrarily? even pay for apps?

If your answer is yes, AppLock can help you. Come and try this cute guard. It’s really a useful app for android.

Put a lock on important apps so that they can’t be opened without the password.

When you install AppLock, it will ask you to set a password first. The second step is to set security email address and a security question. This step can be skipped, cause you can set it next time.


AppLock has a simple, friendly user interface. There is a list of all the apps on your device. Turn on the switch beside them then you can lock it. You can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings and any other app you need. In Switch Lock, you can also lock WiFi, blue tooth, mobile data and auto sync there.


Turn on/off itself automatically according the time or location

I really appreciate the Location and Time lock to lock/unlock automatically according the time or location. For example, you go out for work at 8:00 am and leave office at 6:00 pm. You can set a time lock to enable the lock at 8:00 and a time lock to disable the lock at 18:00. Then apps will be only locked when you are at work. Your privacy is safe in the office. The time lock can repeat like an alarm by select from Monday to Sunday. Location lock is marked by WiFi hotspot. It’s amazing too. very useful feature for those who don’t want to lock/ unlock by themselves.

Hide photos and videos

Sometimes you don’t want to lock your gallery, but there are photos you don’t want to be seen, how to do? Hide them in AppLock. There is Photo/Video Vault feature.


Set different profiles

Create different profile to lock different apps, so you can decide which app can be opened when you give the phone to friends, kids or colleagues etc.


More feature

AppLock can be hide from the home screen. Or you can enable the Random keyboard to prevent other people snooping on the password. There are also many amazing themes for AppLock. Besides, users can set their own picture as backgrounds.

Try it now:


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